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In case you want your NFL credit card activation process so that you can easily activate your Mynflcard then this article will serve your purpose. This article covers all the detailed information related to Mynflcard, step by step process to activate your NFL credit card, eligibility criteria for participation and also the terms and conditions of it.

So, follow the steps below which will help you out with the complete information and details related to Mynflcard.


  1. You can activate Mynflcard from the official site of Barclays.
  2. The credit card is must have card for all NFL Fans.
  3. The specialty about the card is that it allows its members to customize the credit card by choosing their favorite team.
  4. The activation of card service takes not more than 1 minutes to complete and once it has been activated, you (the member) have the option to set the online account access of the card to utilize the services like paying Mynflcard bills, view account statements, make transactions, transfer money and much more related to the card activities.

Mynflcard – Step by Step Process

  • In order to activate your Mynflcard services and you should go step by step which is just easy enough to follow.
  • Open your browser and in the URL bar of it type the official website link which is
  • When you follow the above link mentioned you here this is going to land you onto the main page of card activation.
  • You will have to undergo the Mynflcard process and enter some of the detail in the next step.
  • The details include 4 digit Social Security No., Date of Birth, Account no., security code, occupation and whether you are us citizen or not verification.
  • These are the first stage mandatory sections which you will have to fill and proceed to the next step and at the end you will be able to activate your Mynflcard and avail all the services related to it.

Mynflcard: Things to Remember

  • The existing Mynflcard or Barclay card holders have to go through the login process in order to access the account and its services and it is possible when they already have registered with it and have account.
  • The card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware with the association of NFL Properties LLC.
  • At the time of activating your account please note that you have the Mynflcard account no. on hand and then participate.
  • Only the person above the age of 18 years are eligible for the card activation process to all its legally opened residents of United States of America.
  • The document which you are going to fax to a particular given Mynflcard account should be faxed to the given no 866-823-8178.
  • This card activation service is given free of cost and also easy to use.

Mynflcard: Benefits which a user can avail

  • Check the current balance and see the available credit (For the ideal people who push their credit limit on the brink every month)
  • Pay online credit card bill
  • See their most recent payment
  • Transfer a balance (this is usually an indication that the person is paying to pay for other debts)
  • Check credit card transactions

Mynflcard: Contact Support

Many a times you will need the customer support no. in order to get direct help for any related query and complain.

Please note that all the names / logos / hints associated with the My NFL card are trademarks of the indicated teams and all other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League / any questions or concerns regarding Mynflcard activation process.

You can easily connect via the contact no. 866-421-8004 or 877-408-8866. People who live outside of the US and have a Mai NFL credit card, they can dial 302-255-8888.

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Final Words

The above article which is dedicated for Mynflcard and you are given the complete tiny details about it with the step by step guide to access. You are given the direct links also for your easy hassle free landing on the related page. Not only that you are also given the contact no. which connects you with the customer support department.

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