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Once you already know about bhgwalmartoffer and might be searching for the easiest way to utilize the best service of it; you just have to go with below given guide which is given you to access Bhgwalmartoffer benefits to the best from its official website easily.

You are given the eligibility criteria and step by step process and the details information which you will have to fill there. So, follow the steps below:


  1. Before doing anything first of all you will have to go to its official website from the given link here
  2. In the next step, in order to claim a free year of Homes and Garden Magazine better than buying branded Bhgwalmartoffer products in Wal-Mart, the customer will enter their address and their receipt number with them.
  3. The Bhgwalmartoffer entry details include first and last name, residential address, city and state of residence, your zip code and the email address where you want to stay connected and
  4. Once the forms are submitted online, customers should get the first issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine within 6 to 8 weeks.
  5. Free year of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine is open from Bhgwalmartoffer is only accessible for American residents.

Bhgwalmartoffer Benefits

The Bhgwalmartoffer allows customers who have purchased Better Homes and Gardens products in Wal-Mart Stores, 12 benefits issue for the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (which receives the subscription).

In order to ensure the eligibility for Better Homes and Garden product was purchased, customers will be required to enter their TC # (which can be found under their Walmart receipt) or order number.

Customers will have the option to get their Wal-Mart better home and get their free year of Garden Magazine digital notification (e-mail every month) or via standard printed magazine on their registered mail there. Please note that there is no charge for the free year magazine subscription which has been given through Wal-Mart.

Do You Have to Pay any Charge for Wal-Mart’s Better Homes and Gardens Magazine?

Through the purchase of Wal-Mart products and its special Bhgwalmartoffer , it is claimed that the membership of the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine will not automatically renew, so customers do not have to worry about paying anything, but at the current rate the chance to renew will be given if they like the magazine.

While signing up for the free year of Better Holmes and Gardens magazine, new customers will get the chance to sign up for free via their e-mail from the whole Better Holmes publishing family (like Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Redbook, and Ladies Home Journal and even for Women’s Day) etc.

How to Contact Better Homes And Garden Magazine for one Year Magazine Subscription?

In case you want to contact the BHG Walmart for the utilization of Bhgwalmartoffer which is a subscription of its magazine for free for one year, you can take the help of below given contact details. You can connect via their official email or via the contact address which is given you below.


Address: 716 Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023

Note: if you want the complete knowledge in details then you can visit the official website of it via the link

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Final words

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