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We are a dynamic university, advancing knowledge, providing creative solutions, and solving global problems. We are passionate in our belief that universities should play a fundemantal role in creating and fostering more equitable societies.
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Being a student at GCU is about so much more than just acquiring knowledge. 

Studying here gives you the opportunity to realise your potential as an individual, and the skills and tools to thrive in whatever you choose to do.  

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    Guangdong Province University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School and Guangzhou Intellectual Property Pilot School

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    Jointly train master students with South China University of Technology and share education resources of international famous universities

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    Employment rate is as high as 99%, and employment compensation ranks first in Guangdong Independent college

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    More than 20 million yuan in scholarships, more than 10,000 awards

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    Landscape garden campus, full air-conditioning and WIFI coverage in teaching and living areas

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    Freshmen can apply for transfer in the semester

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    Located in the political and economic center of Guangzhou, the subway and light rail are within easy reach

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    Freshmen can apply for transfer in the semester

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    Six-star top independent college in the country, ranking first in independent colleges in first-tier cities

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    Won the international professional certifications of Engineering IEET and Business IACBE, high starting point and high quality training of international application talents